Precise medical assessment, without the long wait

Don’t risk your medico-legal case being held up due to a delay or insufficient evidence. In partnership with an extensive panel of hospitals throughout the UK, our diagnostic services show exactly what’s been inflicted on your claimant, pointing towards a realistic payout amount and quickly moving the claims process along to its later stages.

Fast results that you can have faith in

Wait too long for diagnostics to come back, and you could face months of uncertainty. All that can be easily avoided with Optimal Med. Our trusted medical professionals can book, perform, and give you the results of a diagnostic in just a couple of weeks. They’re a vital piece of supporting evidence for medical reports. In addition, we can send a translator or interpreter to accompany the client, so they can ask any questions they may have.

Because our network is so broad, your client will never have to travel more than a few miles for a test, check-up, or screening. More complex requests, such as camera operations to detect internal injury, may require extra specialist attention. But rest assured – we’ll source and arrange it for you.

We can offer the following diagnostics…


Give us the word, and our trusted medical professionals will organise an X-ray to find fractures, breaks, cancer, or tooth decay. This can also be used to prove that a previous X-ray was improperly performed, building a case against medical negligence.

Ultrasound scans 

Is your client potentially suffering from cysts, growths, or ripped muscles and tendons? We’ll organise a timely and convenient ultrasound. They’re useful to prove the effects of a physical accident and industrial disease.

Nerve conduction studies 

Nerve-based claims – whether for paralysis or debilitating pressure – must be supported by this study. The claimant will undergo tests that isolate numbness, pain, tingling, or a loss of motor control. It’s especially important for spinal injuries.


Almost any part of the body can receive an MRI scan. You’ll have full confidence in the extent of a brain injury, heart condition, broken bone, tumour growth, or many other adverse physical effects. We’ll make sure the results are easy to understand.

Tell us what you need. Every conversation with us is entirely confidential, and it stays that way while we prepare the evidence or treatment plan. Get through to a dedicated case handler right now.