Our capabilities

Our capabilities 


You’ll always get these assurances when you work with us 


Every case is different. But one aspect needs to remain the same: a reliable medico-legal service. We’re fully aware that you want to partner with someone that cuts out the fuss, stress, and unnecessary delays en route to a settlement. Your clients also expect the best support as they deal with various challenges and vulnerabilities. That’s why, for us, it’s all about compassion and sticking to our promises.


We promise… 


  • To acknowledge receipt of instruction within 24 hours
  • To answer all communications within 24 hours
  • To reply to all telephone calls within 4 hours
  • To maintain A2A communication for swift and secure information transfer
  • To provide a translator if required, for any language, anywhere in the UK
  • To accompany clients to their medical appointment if desired
  • To obtain, translate, and paginate medical records promptly


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We’re open from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. However, we can also work flexibly around your or your claimant’s schedule – just get in touch with your preferences. Email instruct@optimalmed.co.uk or send any special requests to Chris, our Head of Operations, at chris@optimalmed.co.uk.