Engineer Reports And Car Hire

Give clients rapid rental approval and support an RTA case, all through us 

Make sure your clients never miss a single appointment for recovery or legal advice. If they’re unable to use their vehicle after a traffic accident, let us build a thorough engineer report. We’ll accurately assess the damage done so that replacement car hire can be arranged. It can increase the claim amount, as well as the sense of convenience you provide.

End-to-end reporting and rental arrangement

Optimal Med are committed to swift success – whether that’s supporting a traffic collision case through MedCo-approved medical reports, making sure the claimant can attend their diagnostic and rehabilitation sessions, or simply getting them to court on time.

It’s why our flexibility is unmatched across the UK. We’ll manage the engineer reporting process to determine whether the claimant’s vehicle is sufficiently damaged to add the cost of rental into the claim. Then you can move straight into organising a local hire service through our trusted, long-term rental partner. It’s a one-stop solution for cases involving collisions, impeded travel, and serious injury.

Here’s what you’ll get from our reports and rental agreements…

Engineer reports 

A full assessment of exterior and internal damage – as well as any manufacturing faults – puts your case in line for a greater payout. Your claim will have more evidence, while your client will have peace of mind and the option to add rental payment as an expense. Additionally, we can prepare and paginate the report for insurers, the defendant’s legal team, or other submissions.

Car hire 

For years, we’ve maintained a close relationship with Progress Vehicle Management, a trusted rental company that specialise in post-accident support. This means your client doesn’t have to wait long to secure a replacement vehicle. We’ll organise a translator too, if requested, explaining the terms of the agreement and any other details.

Car hire and engineer reports can be crucial to the service you offer, and the speed at which a case can be resolved. We understand just what you’re looking for. Speak to the Optimal Med team to get started.