A more personal, accessible rehabilitation appointment service 


Clients shouldn’t worry about rehabilitative treatment. It must be on their terms, with a sensitive touch to make sure it’s stress-free from start to finish and that there are no doubts about recovery. Optimal Med can arrange for convenient rehab sessions by drawing on our trusted UK medical network. The claimant then knows you’re on their side, and your reputation keeps growing.


Flexible rehab bookings at your fingertips


Let us first arrange a diagnostic, and then a rehabilitation appointment on your client’s behalf. Just give us the go-ahead, and we’ll book the first session on the very same day you make the request. Whether this is for treatment during an ongoing case or after it, the rehab can commence immediately. That means you can provide the exact care that someone needs, moving closer to a full resolution of their claim.

We’ve built up a contacts book of nationwide physiotherapists, osteopaths, and other specialists. This enables us to source someone that’s close to wherever your client is located – usually just five miles away. But, if necessary, they can make a home visit too. Limited mobility and travel concerns are never an issue. We can even get a translator or interpreter on board for the claimant’s benefit.

Often paired with our medical reports, these are some of the key treatments we can organise…




We’ll find a medical professional to help with mobility, function, and wellbeing. Chosen physiotherapists are excellent at aiding a patient in their own recovery through education and self-care tips.


Chiropractic therapy


Spinal and neuromuscular disorders have every chance of recovery with Optimal Med’s registered experts. They’ll administer treatment, reduce pressure on damaged areas of tissue, and set a gentle exercise regime.




Combined with physiotherapy, acupuncture can be one of the most effective treatments for serious or persistent injury. We only use the best qualified acupuncture therapists. They can help relieve headaches, neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, and dental afflictions.


Psychiatric treatment (including CBT)


Trust us to find, book, and maintain appointments with a local therapist that your client can depend on. They’ll be more adequately able to process what’s happened to them and manage their response to it. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is included.




Whether it’s a minor or life-changing procedure, Optimal Med can source the perfect surgeon to carry it out. Their credentials, experience, and availability will be clearly outlined to you from the beginning.

All we need is an outline of the case to get started and provide a close, flexible assessment. Speak to a dedicated case handler today.