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Your Medical Report


You have selected Optimal Med Ltd as your Medical Reporting Organisation on the Official Injury Claims portal – Thank you!


We will arrange a medical appointment with an experienced medical expert, trained in medico-legal reporting, and that report will be uploaded on the Official Injury Claims portal. The process is explained below.


  1. You have chosen Optimal Med Ltd to obtain a medical report on your behalf on the Official Injury Claims portal.
  1. Your case details are sent to us so that we can locate a suitable medical expert in your area (no more than 10 miles travelling distance from your home address). We will send an instruction to the medical expert which includes the information you have provided on the Official Injury Claims portal. We will acknowledge receipt of your instruction via email within 1 business day.
  1. An appointment will be arranged with the medical expert to take place within 20 business days of receiving your instruction. If you have mentioned any special requirements (wheelchair access/female expert etc.) we will ensure these requirements are taken into account.
  1. Your appointment details will be sent to you via email and post within 2 business days.
  2. If your appointment is inconvenient for any reason you may contact us via email (instruct@optimalmed.co.uk) or via telephone (01772 920182). Our office hours are Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00.
  1. You attend your scheduled appointment with the accredited medical expert. You will be asked questions about the accident, where and how it happened, and what injuries you have suffered. This should be the same information that you provided on the Official Injury Claims portal. We strongly advise taking a copy of this information to the appointment along with a valid form of photographic identification.
  1. The medical expert will send your completed report to Optimal Med Ltd within 5 business days of your appointment. The report will be quality checked by one of our experienced professionals.
  1. Your medical report will be uploaded onto the Official Injury Claims portal and you will receive an email from us to confirm that it is available for you to view.
  1. You will need to carefully review your medical report to ensure that the information recorded is complete and accurate.
  1. If you believe there are any factual errors within the report, you must outline these on the Official Injury Claims portal. Once done, we will receive a notification to review your request and, if applicable, we will return the report to the medical expert for amendment. The medical expert will have 15 business days to return the amended report to Optimal Med Ltd. Once received, the report will be uploaded to the Official Injury Claims portal.
  1. If your report indicates that an additional expert opinion is required (Psychologist, Orthopaedic Surgeon etc.) you will need to contact the compensator directly through the Official Injury Claims portal to make these arrangements.
  1. Finally, once you are happy with the report, you accept this on the Official Injury Claims portal and the report is sent to the compensator. The compensator will then make a compensation offer based on the contents of the medical report.



Should you require advice or assistance with any stage of the medical report process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly and experienced staff are on hand to assist.