Our Culture

Our Culture

These values power your case to a swift, successful outcome


Since our inception, we’ve sought to treat every claim individually, with due respect for the pain and hardship your clients are going through. Equally, we know that cost, time, and local expertise can’t be underestimated if you hope to secure the most favourable outcome. These factors drive everything we do and provide for you. And our values light the way…


We firmly believe that… 


Optimal means ‘the best or most favourable’. We’re always improving, taking lessons from our work and broadening our list of medical practitioners and support options. 


People-focused services take into account what your clients are going through, and how evidence or excellent treatment can help them move on. We enable you to offer the same level of understanding. 


Trust pays off. Taking a few moments to fully determine what clients actually need – instead of adding services for the sake of it – lowers the price and speeds up your case. 


Innovation never wavers. We’re dedicated to providing a fuller, more convenient service, using all the latest medical knowledge and technological tools at hand.


Motivation makes sure we do more than an ‘okay’ job. We’re passionate about reaching the swiftest, easiest resolution for you and your client.


Accessibility is vital to your clients. Our updates, quick callbacks, local appointments, and translation abilities tailor our services to them. 


Loyalty comes naturally to us. You can always rely on Optimal Med for advice, support, and fast turnarounds, with 100% confidentiality. 


Making the switch is seamless. Our team can transfer any records or previous medico-legal guidance across without delay. 


Enable your clients to do anything, from hiring a car to receiving excellent rehabilitation treatment at home. 


Demand the best. Stay Optimal. You’ll never have to settle for slow, inaccurate, or ill-prepared evidence and recovery appointments. 


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Want to get to know us better? Email instruct@optimalmed.co.uk and ask the team anything. Alternatively, you can message Chris, our Head of Operations, at chris@optimalmed.co.uk.