Translation And Interpretation

We make sure claimants feel comfortable, safe, and informed

If your client’s first language isn’t English, they can miss out crucial information surrounding their case or rehabilitation treatment. Optimal Med resolve this issue by finding a local translator and interpreter. They’ll gather everything you need from the person you’re helping, and will stay at their side all the way to a successful settlement.

Our trusted, expert linguists are always on hand 

Over the years, we’ve established more than a strong medical network. We’ve also assembled a multitude of translators that we trust to work with anyone going through a challenging time. They speak countless languages and suit various schedules, fitting the requirements of the case.

We don’t believe in language barriers or legal barriers – just a quick resolution without any doubts, frustrations, or blind spots in your testimonies. So we’ll find someone as close as possible to the claimant’s home, ready to accompany them to a diagnostic, rehabilitation appointment, or meeting with your team. They can also facilitate remote contact through your client’s preferred method of communication.

This is how we bring translators and interpreters into the picture…

Medical reports 

As we compile medical reports on your behalf, the claimant will understand what they mean and how they’ll influence the final outcome. It’s incredibly useful for keeping claimants up to speed with their case. Our translator can even explain tough medical terminology.


Arranging a CAT scan, X-ray, endoscopy, or other procedure should be easy. We can do it for you, and assign a translator for support. They’ll interpret instructions from the medical staff, and if the claimant has any questions whatsoever, they’ll be asked and answered.


Fast, accessible rehabilitation bookings are part of our service commitment. But a translator will also make sure that your client and the specialists are on the same page. Sore spots, pressure, and pain thresholds can be discussed, while self-care or exercise schedules will be made absolutely clear.

Engineer reports and car hire

If your client’s car has been damaged and they need to assess it or hire a new vehicle, they deserve to be well-informed. Only then can they choose the most favourable option for them. Our translators will explain any engineer reports, and help them to compare rental contracts.

We speak your legal language. But there’s so much more to gain with a translator on your side. Talk to a dedicated case handler today and start simplifying relationships with anyone, irrespective of background or culture.