No problems, only solutions

No problems, only solutions

It’s often said it would be a great job without clients! Frequently, the biggest challenge you face is having your client attend their medico-legal examination. Here at Optimal Med we are accustomed to having to go beyond that extra mile to enable a medical appointment can take place. Work with us to ensure that your cases progress smoothly.

Without providing an exhaustive list, the most common difficulties we encounter in practice are:-


  • Locating the right expert. Admittedly it can sometimes be a struggle to locate the right expert in the right place and for the right cost. Let us do the searching on your behalf. We have yet to suffer defeat!


  • Language and cultural issues. Handling cases for people who cannot speak English or do not understand the legal process is challenging. Our in house staff can speak multiple languages and we are supplemented by access to a nationwide network of translators. We will happily translate any required documents. We will converse with the client in their preferred language and if needs be will arrange attendance at the examination with a suitably qualified translator.


  • Attendance problems. Sometimes no matter what we seem to do getting the client to attend an actual examination is to say the least problematic. Partly this is down to communication. You also have to bear in mind clients may well be emotionally affected by the accident or still suffering from physical injuries. Going that extra mile to speak to the client on receipt of instructions to ensure cooperation and at regular intervals up until the appointment certainly helps. However, sometimes no matter how many times you talk, attendance cannot be guaranteed. In suitable cases we therefore arrange home visits, and can also accompany clients to the appointment chaperoning them from home to appointment to home again.   In the past we have even arranged flights from abroad and a chaperone to the airport for the client.